“Weaving with Little Handmade Looms” will satisfy your creative thoughts if you have ever thought you might like to weave but thought it looked complicated or was intimidated by the loom? Get ready for some weaving on mini looms that you make yourself. The handmade looms are easy to make with materials you can find around the home, such as cardboard, paper, pins, wood, and nails. Perfect for crafting on the go. The projects are cute and small. If you are an experienced weaver, you will love the portability of these looms. You can weave anywhere! How neat is that!

Weaving with Little Handmade Looms – Book ReviewWeaving with Little Handmade Looms by Harumi Kageyama
on 08 February 2019
Genres: Weaving
ISBN: 9781782216902
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback

Weaving is more popular than ever, so why not join the biggest trend - in miniature. Discover over 20 cute projects to weave in this beautiful book by multi-crafter Harumi Kageyama, from home decor essentials such as table mats and tiny wall hangings through to must-have accessories with brooches, card cases, rings and purses. All projects are friendly for weaving with both traditional and unconventional fibres. You can try different materials, from classic yarn to more novel materials such as ribbon, suede and pipe cleaners - don't be afraid to change it up for a whole different look! Small projects mean small looms, and Harumi shows how easy these are to make with just a few materials you can find at home. Learn how to make your own portable weaving loom - circular and rectangular - with everyday materials like cardboard, paper, pins, wood and nails, and each one includes fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. In addition, these do-it-yourself looms are perfect for crafting on the go, and are mini enough to take with you as a portable travel craft or outside pastime. With just a small selection of basic materials, you'll be weaving on your handmade loom in no time.

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What’s Inside Weaving with Little Handmade Looms

Types of Handmade Looms

  • Board Looms: Wood or Paper
  • Round Looms: Circle or Cylinder
  • Box Looms
  • Frame Looms

What You Can Weave on Each Type

Handmade Board Looms

  • Mini Mat
  • Petite Tapestries
  •  Fringed and Confetti Brooches
  •  Pennant & Flag Brooches
  • Mod Motif Sampler
  • Party Garlands
  • Mini Pouch
  • Card Case
  • Checkered Leather Bracelet 

Handmade Round Card Looms

  • Covered Buttons
  • Colorful Rings 
  • Seashell Necklace & Brooch Set
  • Clamshell Pouches

Handmade Box Looms

  • Textured Mat
  • Mixed Media Mat
  • Flora Necklace and Wrap Bracelet
  •  Bangle Bracelet 

Handmade Frame Looms

  • Drawstring Pouches
  • Watermarked Coasters 
  • Colorblock Tote & Clutch
  • Houndstooth
  • Table Mats 

My Review

I just received this book and I can’t wait to do some of the mini weaving. As most people are feeling right now, I am feeling the need to just do small things. There are many projects in this book that are now on my “To-do List”.

I gave a four-and-a-half star rating because some of the weaving terms lost a little of the proper meaning in translating from Japanese to English. For instance, “string” the loom instead of “warp” the loom and flat weaving instead of plain weaving. She does have an illustrated step-by-step instruction on diagonal or bias weaving, but she calls in “cross weaving.” If you need further guidance on this method, my post “Diagonal Weaving” may help you.

But, if aren’t familiar with weaving terminology, it probably doesn’t make any difference.

Going to go weave me some mini’s.

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