Rigid Heddle Loom Patterns

Rigid Heddle Loom Patterns can be hard to find.    I found these five patterns for you to try.  These patterns will help you increase your weaving skills while creating beautiful garments and accessories for you and your home. Enjoy!

  1. Weave a Simple Alpaca Poncho via Gist Yarn & Fiber

Alpaca Poncho by Gist YarnWeave two 16”  (17.5” in the reed) wide alpaca scarves and sew them together to create this lovely alpaca poncho.  A free PDF pattern with great instructions and tutorial.

Via Gist Yarn.com – Read More




2.  Surprise Pick-up Pillow by Judy Pagels via Schacht Spindle Company

Judy Pagels Woven Pillow This pillow has band woven using a pickup stick and a variable reed.

Via Schacht Spindle Company – Read More




3.  Classic Woven Dishtowels via Purl Soho

Purl Soho woven towelsWeave yourself some absorbent dishtowels.  As always, Purl Soho has pictures and instructions.

Via Purl Soho – Read More




4.  Weave a Summer Dress via Creative Weaving.

Woven flower dress by Creative WeavingUsing colorful yarns and a 16” loom, weave two sections each 60” long.  Complete instructions included.

Via Creative Weaving – Read More







5.  One Skein Woven Cowl Using a Pickup Stick, too. Via Liz Gipson

Woven Cowl by Liz GipsonLiz Gipson created and wove this cowl on a 10” rigid heddle loom.  She created texture with a pickup stick. Give this one a try.

Via Knitty.com by Liz Gipson – Read More




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Please take a few minutes and tell me how you liked this collection of rigid heddle loom patterns.  The comment box is towards the bottom of the page.


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