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Yes, you read that correctly–loom knitting!  My first experience with this type of knitting was years ago with the big white plastic loom and a pick. The gauge was extra-large.  You had to double/triple your yarn. Mostly, they were for hats and scarves. Instructions were only for, what we now call, the e-wrap cast on and knit. An e-wrap knit stitch is a twisted knit stitch.

Make a hat for your cat with loom knitting!

Baxter, The Cat in the Hat

Baxter Cat in the Hat sports a hat knit with the e-knit stitch that I knit on a Knifty Knitter small round blue loom.  I never enjoyed this type of knitting because of that twisted stitch.

Well, times have changed. There are instructions for completing proper knit and purl stitches, cables, ribbing, short rowing, yarn overs, knitting two together,  garter stitch, and even more.  There are looms in all gauges, shapes, and sizes. I am having fun trying them all out.  I found this form of knitting gentler on the hands than traditional knitting.

These gems come in different sizes and shapes. I have been using the round, rectangle, and oval ones.  They even come in specialized sizes for afghan, hat, and sock knitting.  That’s right—sock knitting.  Actually, I have used fingering weight to worsted weight yarn on the various sock looms.  The sock loom even uses a short row turned heel.

There are lots of resources and patterns available.  See my review of the Stitch Dictionary.  Here is a list of knitting looms I found on Amazon: Knitting Looms

Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

Leisure Arts has sent me their Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set to use and write a review. I have knit a lace cowl using the larger oval loom. Currently, I am working on my copy and photographs for the review.  See my review here.