Lace and Super Fine Yarn are Categories 0 and 1

Super Fine Yarn  Category 1, Super Fine Yarn includes sock, fingering and baby yarns.

Super Fine Yarn knits at 27-32 stitches over 4 inches on US Size 1-3 needles. The yarn thicknesses in this category can vary.  Just the term sock weight can include fingering weight yarn as well as DK or sport weight yarn.  Some German yarns state that they are 6-fache which is more of a DK or sport weight.

Fingering yarn is two-ply in the UK and three-ply in Australia. Sock yarn is three-ply in both the UK and Australia.

Lace YarnLace yarn includes 10-COUNT crochet thread and cobweb-like yarns.

This yarn knits at 33-40 stitches over 4 inches on US Size 000-1 needles.
The lightest weight of yarn is used to make lace, doilies, and other delicate items.

Lace weight is known as one-ply yarn in the UK and two-ply in Australia.

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