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Yes, it’s true.  There is a new yarn weight category and it is:

7 Jumbo

6 Super Bulky

Category 6, Super Bulky,  had to adjust to make room for Category 7, Jumbo.  Super Bulky (Bulky/Roving) was gauged at knitting 6-11 stitches over 4 inches of stockinette with size US 11 needles and larger.  Now, Super Bulky is gauged at knitting 7-11 stitches over 4 inches of stockinette with size US 11-17 needles.

The super bulky yarn is considered super chunky in the UK and 14 -ply in Australia.

The new Category 7, Jumbo (Jumbo/Roving), is gauged at 6 stitches over 4 inches of stockinette with size US 17 and larger needles.

Why this new category?  Knitters and yarn designers started using and creating yarn for arm knitting. Curious about arm knitting, check out this book on Arm Knitting.

Craft Yarn Council thought a new category was necessary to help knitters understand the type of fabric these Jumbo yarns create.

Jumbo yarns make quick work of hats and other fun projects.  SWTC Dream Big is a Jumbo yarn.

Super Bulky yarns also make quick work of hats, cowls, shrugs, and scarves.  Encore Mega is a Super Bulky yarn.

These pictures are of hats made with Dream Big and with Encore Mega for your comparison of how the knitted fabric looks. Click on the image for the pattern.

Dream Big Hat

Dream Big Hat

Plymouth Encore Mega Hat with Button

Plymouth Encore Mega Hat with Button









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