Why do you lose your row count?

    • If you use a clicker, you forget to click, or you click it twice.
    • You use a sticky note that falls off or moves.
    • Maybe you use a paper clip that you slide up and down your pattern, and it tears the paper and moves or falls off.
    • You have one of those easels with the magnet place holder that keeps falling off or getting bumped.
    • You’ve gone digital, and you keep losing your pattern.Person knitting from a digital pattern

 Best Tips to Keep on Track — Tracker Sheet for Knit or Crochet

End the frustration of losing track by using my Tracker Sheet.

  • Tip 1: Use my Tracker Sheet for Knit or Crochet and mark your rows/rounds on the Sheet.
  • Tip 2: Read over your pattern and mark specific rows with a reminder of the change in design, yarn color, etc.
  • Tip 3:  Write the name of the pattern and needle/hook size on the Tracker Sheet
  • Tip 4:  Be sure and tick or mark off each row as you complete it.
  • Tip 5:  If your pattern has more than 100 rows/rounds,  make enough copies of the sheet and number the sheets 200’s, 300’s, etc.

How to Get the Tracker Sheet

Just click on the image below:

social pin for tracker for knit/crochet rows


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  1. Cheryl

    Next time you are over, remind me and I will print some off for you!

  2. Carol Moss

    I really like this idea. As soon as I get another printer, will run off some. Thank you for the article.