My Dream Sweater-Cowichan or Salish Sweater

As a result of reading Priscilla Gibson-Roberts book, “Salish Indian Sweaters”, the Cowichan or Salish Sweater has been on my bucket list of knitting.

While Salish knitting is the traditional knitting of the First Nation people of the Cowichan Valley of southern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, famous design companies have sold versions of these Salish sweaters.

Because they use long double-pointed knitting needles, they can separate their pattern designs. While using wool spun into pencil size roving, different colored down sheep breeds add color to the sweater.

Most noteworthy is that despite the diverse patterns, experienced knitters and dealers are able to identify the knitter of a sweater through the design and knitting style of the individual knitters.

Knitting the Sweater

Probably one of the best videos showing the knitting of the sweaters is below. Anyone up for a KAL?

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