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Bulky Yarn or Chunky Weight Yarn

Chunky Yarn

Bulky yarn will help you knit hats, heavy sweaters, jackets, afghans, blankets, rugs, or throws, scarves, and other specialty items quickly. Comparatively, heavier than worsted weight, this yarn works up quickly and easily for such things as hats, scarves, and throws. Also, it works great when Category 6 and 7 yarns are too big for your project.

If you are just now learning to knit or crochet, this yarn is great for your first projects because the stitches are easy to see and you get fast results.


Thus, the label of bulky yarn is sometimes labeled with the above yarn symbol featuring a prominent number 5 in the center, with the word “bulky” appearing underneath.

 The UK refers to this yarn as chunky. Australia calls it 12-ply.

Gauge in stockinette is 12-15 stitches in 4 inches on US Size 7-9 knitting needles.

Knitpicks Biggo Yarn

Knit Picks Biggo Yarn

Knit Picks Biggo Yarn falls into this category and is a great knit for blankets, cowls, and mittens.

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