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Headlamp Flashlight

A flashlight may seem a little weird for me to review on this blog. But, I purchased this rechargeable headlamp to help Mike and me in our sorting and organizing of items.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a headlamp because I thought we would only need it for our current project.  But, I now can see all sorts of uses for these headlamps.

Mike’s warehouse for his sports collectibles was recently vandalized and trashed. Imagine 1000’s of individual basketball, baseball, football, and non-sports cards strewn throughout 17 rooms.  With our headlamps, we could see in all the nooks and crannies and still have our hands free for picking up the cards.  No more flashlight in the mouth while trying to sort through papers or repair an item.

Some of the tasks that I can foresee using these lamps:

  • Finding things in the potting shed
  • Finding things in our metal storage shed
  • Repairing household appliances
  • Working in the attic
  • Working in the basement
  • Digging in the closet
  • Keeping one in the vehicles
  • Warping my looms
  • Various other craft projects

This headlamp flashlight is waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable.  It has 8 modes for adjusting the kind of light you need.

This headlamp is rechargeable using a standard  USB.  A charge lasts 5-8 hours. Everyone should put a headlamp flashlight in their household toolbox and in your vehicle.

For the price, you cannot beat this model.  Yes, you receive two headlamps for this price.

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Headlamp Flashlight, MOICO


Battery Life







  • Long Battery Life
  • Brightness
  • USB Charging


  • Mode Options - Need to do a lot of clicking
  • Elastic Headband slips
  • Motion sensor is very sensitive

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