Hi, I’m Cheryl!

Welcome new friend.  I am super excited you found your way here.

I want to be your go-to destination for all things crafty, food, and lifestyle.

In 2017, life threw me a punch in the form of breast cancer and my husband, Mike, suffered a heart attack. These events caused us to re-evaluate our life. I decided to close The Fiber Closet, my brick and mortar yarn shop.

 I now operate from a studio in my home where customers can sit and knit.  The Fiber Closet remains an online shop. 

I have always loved cooking and knitting. I own numerous knitting machines (both flatbed and circular). I enjoy taking Mike’s Ohio family recipes and my Indiana farm recipes and fusing them into the food they both can enjoy.

I love researching new techniques and taking classes in all sorts of fiber related and cooking venues.


I would love to share my tips and advice on all things crafty, food, and life.


I blog about all things knit, crochet, food, woven, spun, pets, and dyeing yarn. Learn tips and techniques for knitting, crochet, and weaving. Find recipes and meal plans to help with your busy lifestyle.

My blog is for crafters and foodies of all ages.  I’m here to help you achieve that perfect project or plan your meals.

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