Sometimes it is hard to find rigid heddle loom weaving patterns.  I found these 5 patterns for you to try.  These patterns will help you increase your weaving skills while creating beautiful garments and accessories for you and your home. Enjoy!

  1. Weave a Simple Alpaca Poncho via Gist Yarn & Fiber

Weave two 16”  (17.5” in the reed) wide alpaca scarves and sew them together to create this lovely alpaca poncho.  A free PDF pattern with great instructions and tutorial.

Via Gist – Read More




2.  Surprise Pick-up Pillow by Judy Pagels via Schacht Spindle Company

Using a variable reed and a pickup stick, this pillow is an excellent introduction to plain weave with a pickup band.

Via Schacht Spindle Company – Read More




3.  Classic Woven Dishtowels via Purl Soho

Weave yourself some absorbent dishtowels.  As always, Purl Soho has pictures and instructions.

Via Purl Soho – Read More




4.  Weave a Summer Dress via Creative Weaving.

Using colorful yarns and a 16” loom, weave two sections each 60” long.  Complete instructions included.

Via Creative Weaving – Read More




5.  One Skein Woven Cowl Using a Pickup Stick, too. Via Liz Gipson

Liz Gipson created and wove this great cowl on a 10” rigid heddle loom.  She created texture with a pickup stick. Give this one a try.

Via by Liz Gipson – Read More




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Please take a few minutes and tell me how you liked this collection of patterns.  The comment box is towards the bottom of the page.