7 Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns

These seven knitted Christmas Stockings contain a variety of patterns, so there is something for everyone.  Some simple ones ideal for beginning knitters, others you can personalize for your family and friends, and other fun styles.

Best Knitting Reference Books

Best Knitting Reference Books is a listing of my go-to books. Some are small enough for my knitting bag.  No matter how long a person has been knitting, sometimes your mind draws a blank.  That is where these books have saved me more than once.  For me, it is impossible to remember how to do the many stitches that knitting has to offer.

Pasta Fazool (Pasta e Fagioli) with Taco Meat or Not

Pasta Fazool is an Italian soup with beans and pasta.  Some cooks prepare it plain or with sausage.  Since we had some leftover taco meat, my soup took on a Mexican flare. With or without meat, this soup makes a great lunch or dinner appetizer.

Instant Pot








        Rigid Heddle Loom Patterns

        Rigid Heddle patterns that will help you increase your weaving skills while creating beautiful garments and accessories for you and your home.



          Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet – Book Review

          Want to learn to Tunisian Crochet? Then, this is a great resource book for you. This book has excellent illustrations. It has the best drawing of the last stitch in the forward pass that I have been able to find. Knowing exactly how to create the last stitch in the forward pass ensures that your left edge is smooth and neat.



            Barn Quilts — Southern Prairie Girl

            Where have I been? In Southern Prairie Girl’s post, Barn Quilts, she talks about these beautiful historical artworks. I might be able to make one of these. Oh, wait, I no longer have a barn. But, I do have a shed. I still may try this.

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